H is for Honor

H is for Honor

As I ponder what “H” word I should choose to represent one of the 27 most important traits to instill in your children, I thought of many including; Hope, Hospitality, Happiness, Humility and Honesty, but Honor was the winner. So here it goes, H is for Honor.

Deuteronomy 5:16 “Honor your father and mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God has given you.”

This is the fifth of the Ten Commandments. It is the only H word that God commanded so I figure that it’s the most important. If we only teach our children ten things, it better be the TEN COMMANDMENTS!

How can we teach them to honor us? We must honor their grandparents. In our words and actions, our kids need to see an example of us acting honorable. Then, we have to require honor from them. 

Here is the list of No No’s for children:

1. You are not allowed to hit Mommy and Daddy.

2. You are not allowed to kick Mommy and Daddy.

3. You are never allowed to scream at Mommy and Daddy.

4. You are not allowed to disobey Mommy and Daddy.

5. You are never allowed to say, “I hate you” to Mommy and Daddy.

6. You are not allowed to slam the door at Mommy and Daddy.

7. You are not allowed to push Mommy and Daddy.

8. You are not allowed to turn away when Mommy and Daddy are giving you loving hugs and kisses. 

It is very important for us to teach our children to show love to us, their parents. It is important for them to draw us pictures, write us love notes, buy or make us gifts. They should help us on a busy day and take care of us when we are sick. They need to give us hugs and kisses. 

We encourage this behavior from them as toddlers and all throughout their teen years. A parent should never allow dishonor from their children, but rather encourage them to honor. 

Honor your father and mother. Now that’s a commandment that we can ALL do.